Redd Cross

You call the Red Cross when you have an emergency. You call the Redd Cross when you want a sweet hybrid of Spirit of 76 and an Aghani indica. This strain has colas that are absolutely huge and red and pink, and give you some excellent results.

The Redd Cross weed strain is the legendary result of combining the skills and experience of Genetics Gone Mad breeders with two phenomenal parent strains, with a naming contest thrown in for good measure. This cannabis strain is created by a cross of Spirit of ‘76 and an unknown Afghani indica strain. Its creation is attributed to the late great Dan Christensen, and it is highly sought after by medical marijuana consumers far and wide. Surprisingly there are very few published lab reports stating this strain’s exact THC concentration. Most people estimate that Redd Cross Strain has a THC level of about 20% and CBD levels of 8%.

The strain is celebrated as being the ultimate beacon of healing and hope. It has beautiful nugs that look like they glow in a reddish hue. In terms of its flavour, Redd Cross is predominantly sweet and woody. It also gives a pleasant rush of citrus flavour that is purely refreshing. If you particularly like well-balanced weed strains that do not lean too heavily on the savoury or sweet side of things, Redd Cross is a great choice for you.

This strain is so good when smoked at the end of the day as a way to unwind and forget about the day’s worries. Redd Cross soothes your entire body and relieves your mind of any burdens that may be weighing you down. It is known for being an effective way to ease and manage various mental health issues such as manic depression and stress. Redd Cross is an ultra-relaxing strain that uplifts your mood and brings on good vibes. This strain will induce a nice calm state that seems to take over your entire environment. As the high progress, the relaxation sensation ripples through to your entire body. You will feel like you have been enveloped in a super body buzz that is subtly sedative. With Redd Cross, munchies come as a package deal. In order to avoid disappointment make sure you stock up on snacks before this smoke.

Medical marijuana patients are usually drawn to Redd Cross weed, it would be impossible for people with illnesses not to respond to a name like Redd Cross. The strain brings much-needed relief from nausea and lack of appetite for patients suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy. It has also been said to provide a good night’s sleep to people who have insomnia. Various forms of pain and muscle spasms are effectively managed by a Redd Cross dosage. This strain’s ability to soothe physical ailments is complemented by the way in which it quickly boosts one’s mood.

If you are interested in growing marijuana as home, the good news Redd Cross is an easy strain to cultivate. You can grow this beauty both inside or outdoors. The plants usually get quite tall, with strong heavy branches. Although it is easy to grow, Redd Cross will need quite a bit of TLC, you will need to prune the branches from time to time. The strain is very resistant to most common moulds and diseases. It takes between 8 and 9 weeks to flower. The plant gives a good yield, especially when grown outdoors.

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