Rocky Dennis

Many people start to wonder where the names of all of the various strains of cannabis come from. Rocky Dennis is probably included in the many lists of cannabis strains with a wacky name. Rocky Dennis was a child that had a medical condition called lionitis. This rare condition causes an expansion of calcium in the skull and the resulting effect of that is a facial deformity. A film called Mask was produced that was directly inspired by Rocky Dennis. It still doesn’t completely explain why a cannabis strain was named after him, because it doesn’t appear to be related. The strain is a combination of Co Flo and Sour Dubble and this mixture produces an earthy type of taste. It is a little sweet and sour at the same time.

Attributes of Rocky Dennis

If you are looking for a pleasant little buzz, Rocky Dennis a great hit. It is the type of weed you want to use when you are in a chill mood, yet want a little bit of creativity and want to fall asleep soon after. One can still function fine with the high this produces. Medically, it can be used for pain in the body, depression, fatigue, headaches, and stress. It has a few negative attributes. It can make the user a tad dizzy, which is why you might just want to just relax when using it. It can also cause dry eyes and a bit of cottonmouth. Users with a high cannabis tolerance have reported being able to get high with this strain with no problem.

Background On The Rocky Dennis Strain

Rocky Dennis is considered to be a fairly rare strain of cannabis. With it being a hybrid of 50% indica and 50% sativa, this makes it great for experienced cannabis users who want to add a little flair to their high. Because of the whole background of Rocky Dennis, it makes it a mysterious strain of marijuana, and that makes it all the more appealing to users across the world. Cannarado Genetics created this strain of cannabis, and the THC levels in Rocky Dennis are on the mysterious side as well. No one has been able to pinpoint just exactly what they are. It can be assumed that they are pretty potent if they are considered good for the experienced user. It is suggested to use this strain through a vape to prevent coughing. Right after smoking it, users will experience a pleasant sensation of euphoria. Giggles are also said to occur frequently with this strain, so using it in a social environment can be a good choice. Soon after the initial euphoric effects, a tingly type of body high will start from your head and make its way down to your toes.

Medical Usage Of Rocky Dennis

Medical marijuana users will love this strain if they are able to find it. Negative thoughts that may bring you down will disappear into the dust after using this weed. It has a high chance of a positive high, and if you have certain types of body pain, this will be ideal. Headaches, muscle pain, and morning cramps will feel much less severe after taking a puff of Rocky Dennis. It is also said to neutralize or dull your stress and fatigue. If you are feeling depressed lately and can manage to get your hands on some of this cannabis, you won’t be disappointed. Nearly 99% of users reported feeling a euphoric high with anti-depressant qualities and lowered stress. Though it does contain the risk of a dry mouth, dizziness, and dry eyes, the medicinal benefits of this strain appear to far outweigh the negative side effects.

How To Get Rocky Dennis Cannabis

Getting your hands on Rocky Dennis can be a little tricky. Breeds across the nation don’t advertise it on their websites, which leads one to believe that seeds are not available for purchasing. Rocky Dennis is said to grow in outdoor and indoor settings. It takes just over 2 months to grow and produces a fairly big yield. If you do manage to grab a hold of this weed, it is suggested to start off with a lower dose and eventually work your way up. It could be fairly potent if you just pack a huge bowl of this strain right off the hop. Rocky Dennis has received consistently high reviews for its flavour, scent, pain-relieving effects, and ability to get even the most experienced user high.

About Rocky Dennis

Smokers of this strain may wonder where the name comes from. Rocky Dennis was a boy who had lionitis, a condition that causes a buildup of calcium in the skull, deforming the face. He was the inspiration for the film Mask. We are not sure why it’s called that, but it’s one great strain. It combines Sour Dubble and Co Flo to make a strain that tastes earthy, sweet, and a little sour. It’s good on the palate and good for a nice buzz.

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