Wet Dream

The strain that’s named after the best kind of dream, a wet one. Wet Dream from San Diego California is a sativa dominant cross of Blue Dream x Ocean Beach Haze. This strain is designed for late-night enjoyment and arousal but is also great for daytime use and creative tasks. Wet Dream has an intoxicating aroma of lemongrass coupled with a soft woody pine flavor. Most Haze blends create rushing waves of euphoria, but the genetics of the Blue Dream in this cross help to mellow out some of those effects.
The Wet Dream Sativa strain is a well-known marijuana strain that gives smokers an incredible and unmatched euphoric energy. This is a great strain for when you just need some good vibes. The cannabis strain’s provocative name is actually a nod to its genetics. The Wet Dreams strain is a mixture of the ubiquitous cannabis hybrid strain Blue Dream and Ocean Beach Haze that hails from California. In this Wet Dream strain review, we will go into the mental effects that this strain is famous for then look into some of the medical benefits for medical cannabis patients.
The Wet Dream Sativa strain has a THC level that has averages between 12% and 22%. Let us start of our Wet Dream strain review by talking about the plant characteristics. The plant is distinguishable by its small and sometimes medium-sized flowers. The flowers tend to cling together to form pretty dense clusters. The plant has tight buds that have a structure more typical of Indica weed strains. Indica marijuana strains usually have small leaves that also curl inward toward the central stems. The leaves have a pale sage green color with bright orange pistils winding through and around them. It also has snowy white trichomes that form a coat around the inside and outside surfaces of the dense flowers. This is what makes this strain pretty sticky and is responsible for its trippy psychoactive effects.
The Wet Dream strain is a great one to share with like-minded friends over some good conversation and music. You can also try this strain on your next adventure to the great outdoors. After one or two puffs, you will get a burst of euphoric energy that may bring on trippy hallucinations. Medical cannabis patients can take this strain to help in managing depression and chronic stress. Various forms of pain and inflammation can also be managed with a Wet Dream cannabis dosage. The side effects are much like what you would expect from all marijuana strains, it can give you dry mouth and in some cases, even make you feel dizzy.

Wet Dreams strain cultivation

Wet Dream cannabis seeds do not seem available for sale online. Growers usually find someone who has the mature plant, then get some clippings that then foster them as clones. Because the seeds are not readily available, there is not a lot of information available on the best cultivation practices for the Wet Dream strain. The cannabis community does agree that you can use the same principles that apply to most hybrids. That means the strain can be cultivated both indoors or out. Wet Dream marijuana plants grow taller than average.

Triple Cheese

Make mine a triple! Triple Cheese, that is. Old Cheese plus Blue Cheese equals this pungent triple-threat by Barney’s Farms. Classic cheese genetics are on full display in this sweet cheese hybrid. Earthy funky Old Cheese meets the sweet and savory flavors of Blue Cheese for a unique terpene profile. Plants are manageable and with that great cheesy taste with notes of berries, who can resist this potent bud?

Snow Monster

Snow Monster is a classic indica strain that crossed The White and Starfighter for a 70/30 mix that provides a relaxing and sedative effect.


Ketama, also knows as “Ketama Xaoen” is an invigorating landrace strain inspired by the Ketama Valley in Morocco. Proliferated by The Landrace Team, this Indica boasts strong mint and wood flavors adding to its uplifting yet mellow relaxation profile. This is the perfect strain for a lazy Sunday afternoon where you can let the creativity flow.

The Hog

This strain hogs all the THC. From TH Seeds, this strain won an award for Best Indica in 2002 at the High Times Cannabis Cup. It’s a pungent, powerful strain with 8 weeks flowering time and giving you impressive yields.

Blue Cheese

This Blue Cheese doesn’t have mold in it. It takes UK Cheese and Blueberry to create a berry and cheese flavor that most will love. It’s an indica-dominant strain for relaxing.

Black Bubba

This is one Bubba who you want to be your cellmate. Black Bubba combines Black Russian and Bubba Kush to create an indica-dominant strain that is fruity, piney, and earthy. It’s great for unwinding and for pain.

Black Bubba is definitely a unique tasting strain. If you’re not a fan of blue cheese, you probably won’t like it. For people who actually enjoy blue cheese, you’re going to fall in love. Black Bubba combines the harshness of blue cheese with the beautiful Earthy undertones. Not to mention the pine-like aftertaste that is sure to keep you coming back for more. If you’re curious about the actual aroma that the Black Bubba strain puts off, look no further than the taste! The various aromas are all distinctly matched up with the flavors. At first, you’ll notice the main smell is that of both blue cheese and Earth, and only afterward will you begin to smell pine. A lot of users actually mention that their clothes and hair smell like pine for a couple of hours rather than skunk and dirt. This is definitely an interesting combination of flavors and aromas, and you probably won’t find one like it among any other strain.

The Black Bubba strain has a wide variety of effects. The most prominent being calming sensations that are sure to soothe you right down to your soul. If you’re feeling stressed, this is the strain to use. Every single one of those stressors will disappear and it’ll be like they weren’t even there. You’ll be able to view the circumstances you’re surrounded in with the utmost clarity. Some people even say that with time and a lot of patience, the Black Bubba strain helps them break the cycle of constant stress. The second effect you’re bound to notice is a heightened libido. Smoking Black Bubba is bound to really turn you on. Makes spending time with your significant others very, very fun. Trust me, if you haven’t spent a night with your partner while you’re both high on this strain and hyped up, you’re missing out. After the heightened libido has worn off, you’re definitely going to notice your energy level drop. All you’ll want to do is sleep, and however much sleep you do get will feel like a million years. You’ll sleep as well as you did when you were a baby.

Because the Black Bubba cannabis strain puts you to sleep so well, it’s the ideal choice for patients or everyday people suffering from insomnia. Doesn’t matter if your insomnia is caused by stress, depression, or some sort of illness. Black Bubba will do the job, and it will do it well. However, do keep in mind that if you’re taking medication that keeps you awake you may want to speak with your doctor before using Black Bubba. Combining marijuana with prescription medication is never a good idea unless your doctor gives you the all-clear. You never know when conflicting effects may harm you!

Believe it or not, Black Bubba is actually really great for people suffering from all sorts of pain. If you’re a woman and you suffer from severe period cramps, try using Black Bubba! Thousands of users report that this strain eased the pain, and lessened their heightened emotions. It also works great for people suffering from migraines, headaches, toothaches, and more! Another prominent effect that this strain has over your health is it reduces depression. Yes, that’s right! By balancing serotonin and dopamine imbalances in your brain, Black Bubba effectively calms you down and elevates your mood. You’ll feel euphoric and oddly calm. Depression won’t be able to breakthrough!

For more information on the Black Bubba cannabis strain, feel free to reach out to us or read some of our other articles! Do keep in mind that this article is not legal and/or medical advice, and does not intend to be an excuse for any violation of your local area’s laws. Weed is not legal everywhere!

X-tra Chz

Who doesn’t love a little extra cheese? X-Tra Chz takes Cheese Bomb and Cheese #1 to create a cheesy, pungent strain that’s great for staying productive. Another hit from MTG Seeds.

Pine Cone

This is one pine cone you’ll want to step into. From Glen’s Plant Farm, this strain is the combination of Cinex and Blue Tahoe. The result is a strain that smells like the forest and is filled with nuggets covered in resin. It has an earthy taste to it that you won’t forget.

Head Cheese

If you want to be in a haze, try Gupta Haze. This strain combines Gupta Kush and Tangerine Haze. From Colorado Seed Inc, this strain has a sweet taste to it and THC up to 21 percent. For growers, it has about 10 weeks of flowering.

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