White LSD

With a strain name like White LSD, one can expect a truly psychedelic experience. White LSD is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that crosses LSD x, White Widow Max. The result is an intense and cerebral buzz with a long-lasting onset. White LSD becomes very psychedelic if not dosed properly and inexperienced users can experience some feelings of anxiety or paranoia.

Are you suffering from fatigue? Do you get really tired despite getting a full night of sleep? Well, if you answered yes, you’re in luck! White LSD strain is the solution you need! Not only will it really wake you up, and keep you awake, you won’t feel any of the negative effects commonly associated with caffeine and chemical-based energy drinks. You won’t get the shakes or feel jittery, nor will you get anxious and have trouble sleeping later on in the night. No, you’ll have the perfect mix of calm and collected with hyper and downright energized.

A lot of writers use this strain because it keeps them awake and motivated, but it doesn’t stop there. Many will notice that their creative abilities skyrocket and the limits of their imagination are pushed past any recognizable breaking point. As a writer, you’ll think of the wildest and creative plot twists. As an artist, you’ll paint through a lens of pure creativity and endless imagination. White LSD strain is a work of art in itself, for it brings out the most beautiful parts of humanity.

Now do keep in mind that White LSD is a very strong cannabis strain. It will transport you to parts of your mind you didn’t know you had, and make you think of things you never could beforehand. This is great for the more experienced cannabis users out there, but beginners may struggle. They may find that they’re paranoid and anxious, which is unfortunate but true. Beginners need to take it easy with the dosage so as to ensure they don’t get paranoid. It’s also recommended that beginners smoke White LSD with a friend so they can talk them off the ledge should anything go wrong. Beginners and veterans alike may face dry mouth and itchy eyes, both of which are easily cured. Dry mouth is typically caused by dehydration and smoke inhalation. Regardless of which one it is for you, drinking plenty of fluids should help! Most people prefer Gatorade because of the electrolytes. Dry eyes (if they persist) are easy to cure as well. Simply wash your eyes out with cold water or take a hot shower.

For more information on the medical benefits and/or the recreational benefits of White LSD, be sure to visit your local weed dispensary. You may also be able to obtain some basic information from your family doctor. At the very least they’ll refer you to someone with the appropriate knowledge with respect to weed!

White Durban

Burn hot like white-fire with White Durban by Fireline. This beautiful sativa-dominant strain crosses White Fire OG x African Landrace Durban Poison. Both parent strains are extremely racy, and thus the child is an energetic booster like no other. Stimulate both your body and mind while enjoying thick notes of sweet earth and fuel. White Durban, like the name suggests, is also covered in white trichomes and gives off a sticky resin.

White Durban is definitely a fantastic strain. Not only is it great for use during the day, but it actually tastes great. A lot of people argue that this strain tastes more like diesel than anything else does. With sweet undertones and Earth aftertastes, the flavor combination is truly addictive. Fortunately, the smell is actually quite similar. Most people find that the sweet undertones aren’t as present in the smell and that the diesel is almost overpowering at first (but in a good way if that makes sense).

If you’re looking to combat fatigue White Durban is definitely the strain to try. It’s exactly what you need to wake up without feeling jittery. Ever drank too much coffee and felt super anxious and shaky? Maybe you’ve ever felt that way after drinking energy drinks? White Durban doesn’t have any major side effects, just benefits. White Durban is commonly used to combat depression as well. There are a lot of people around the world who constantly suffer from depression. This strain works to alleviate those depressive episodes by increasing serotonin and dopamine production in the brain. Smoking this strain is a sure-fire way to get rid of your depression. Works for anxiety as well! Just because it’s energizing doesn’t mean you won’t be calm and chill!

Unfortunately, White Durban does have a variety of side effects that should be mentioned. Thankfully none of them are all that major, but they may affect beginner users, and we feel that should be noted. If you’re using White Durban for the first time you’re probably going to notice that your mouth gets pretty dry while smoking it. To combat this all you need to do is drink some water! Some people prefer Gatorade because it hydrates your mouth. Another side effect you may experience is dry eyes. Dry eyes are usually caused by smoke, so if this really bothers you try vaping or even eating edibles. Last but certainly not least is paranoia. Thankfully paranoia will only happen if you smoke way too much and don’t have anyone around to help you out.

Overall White Durban is a really great strain, and although it does have some side effects, none of them are severe enough to warrant any stress or concern. Typically they’d only affect beginner users anyway, so as long as you’re careful when trying this for the first time nobody should have any problems.

Triple Diesel

Hit that swish from beyond the arc with the Triple Diesel strain. This trifecta of breeding brings together Sour Diesel x NYC Diesel X Strawberry Diesel into a potent and energetic strain. Triple Diesel can contain up to 22% THC, providing a large mental boost while helping to break from depression and anxiety. The aroma is thick with the familiar door of fuel but expresses elements of fruit and sweet skunk.

The Triple Diesel strain is definitely an interesting strain because of just how turned on this makes you. A lot of couples love to use this strain in bed because it really amps up the excitement. Some guys even find that this strain works almost as well as Viagra, and it’s not nearly as expensive! Not only does this strain really up to your libido, but it makes you more creative, and stress-free. Most people that use this in bed find that they’re braver, and are more willing to experiment with different positions, techniques, and methods. A lot of people find that intimate acts can be stressful, but this strain gets rid of all of that stress. Don’t let stress get you down! Don’t let it stop you from having fun with your partner! Triple Diesel strain is going to make your love life a million times better.

There are countless ways in which this marijuana strain helps you. The majority of which are all ways to counter the mental illness. The first significant example is depression. Depression is caused by imbalances in the brain coupled with situational events. By increasing the production of serotonin and dopamine, Triple Diesel effectively balances those imbalances and alleviates depression. The same goes for anxiety. Anxiety is also caused by the same imbalances. For those who are unfamiliar, serotonin and dopamine are basically the feel-good chemicals in your brain. Another mental illness that is alleviated by this particular strain is insomnia. A lot of people find that after spending some time with their significant other, they sleep really well. Another popular use of the Triple Diesel cannabis strain is OCD alleviation. OCD typically has triggers, but Triple Diesel blocks those triggers really well. Your brain will begin to believe that they’re less important, and over time you’ll barely notice them. This isn’t necessarily the most effective technique, but some people have mentioned that this can definitely be a long term solution.

There aren’t as many physical benefits of Triple Diesel, but there are a few. The first being alleviation of chronic pain. It may not be as strong or as effective as some other strains, but a lot of smokers find that Triple Diesel really helps their pain. A lot of them say that this is the perfect combination because the pain relief doesn’t overshadow the mental strife relief. Another common use of physical ailments is vomiting. Again, it’s not the most effective, but it is somewhat good at reducing nausea. Because of this, it’s commonly used by those undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Chemo can cause severe nausea and vomiting, so if you’re really struggling, it may be best to try a different strain. This one will help, but not as much as others. Especially if you’re smoking with the sole intent of relieving said nausea and vomiting.

If you’re curious about the taste and smell of Triple Diesel strain, you’re in luck. We have all the answers! At first, you’ll notice the smell is overwhelmingly sweet. So sweet in fact you probably won’t expect the lingering diesel aromas that are sure to follow. When it comes to taste, it gets a little more interesting. Sure, it still tastes a little sweet, but most people find that diesel is the most significant flavor that comes through. The combination of diesel and sweets makes for an addictive and very pungent mix. Definitely something you’ll want more of! Some users of triple diesel actually mention that they smoke this sometimes just because of the taste rather than any of the effects.

It’s important to note that this strain does have a few side effects. Dry eyes, dry mouth, and mild paranoia. All of which aren’t that common, but you should know all about them and how to alleviate them should they occur.

Before you smoke this strain, make sure you read up on all the local laws. Marijuana may be legalized in a few dozen states across America, but it is still illegal at the federal level. This article is not a valid excuse for breaking any of these laws. For more information, we recommend you refer to your local weed dispensary or your family doctor and/or general practitioner.

The Cough

The more you cough, the better the buzz is, and the Cough is a sativa dominant hybrid known to produce thick cough-inducing smoke. The Cough is cross between Northern Lights x Haze and is an ideal strain for a hotbox or shared smoking experience. Once you are done coughing, you will taste earth and hash and experience a happy, relaxed state of mind.


Travel back in time with The Tardis strain honouring the legendary show Dr. Who. Named after the Doctor’s time-travelling phone booth, the Tardis is a sativa dominant strain that crosses Oregon Diesel x Trainwreck. The effects of the Tardis will sometimes make it feel like time is standing still, allowing you to capture the moment and your creative thoughts well. This strain hits you behind the eyes and the head, but the cerebral effects are largely energetic and stimulating.

Swiss Gold

A high CBD-strain named after the peaceful nation that is Switzerland, Swiss Gold was bred in Northern California by Lawrence Ringo. This indica dominant strain is sometimes classified as a sativa, but it provides most relaxation and a full nights rest. Swiss Gold helps reduce pain and stress while providing a pleasant earthy citrus aroma. Swiss Gold grows short and fat like a typical kinda with a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio.

Sweet Diesel

Heavy like a can of gasoline, Sweet Diesel is a potent strain with popular parents. This pure sativa strain crosses Sour Diesel x OG Kush into a versatile blend of sativa effects. Experience a cerebral rush strain to the head, face, and behind your eyes. Some users say Sweet Diesel provides a calm focus while others feel more relaxed and present. Sweet Diesel has a familiar fuel-like aroma with more of an earthy taste.

Super Sour Diesel

Super Sour Diesel will make you pucker your lips and move your hips with a burst of stimulation energy. Also known as “Super Silver Sour Diesel,” this pure sativa strain crosses Super Silver Haze x Sour Diesel. Super Sour Diesel packs a THC level between 18-24% helping to deliver powerful sativa effects. The strong cerebral effects may be too intense for inexperienced users providing an uplifting and space buzz that can provide that creative and social spark. A great daytime strain, Super Sour Diesel exhibits a strength and consistency that is evident in its legendary genetic lineage.

Strawberry Ice

Experience the cannabis equivalent of a fruity snow cone with Strawberry Ice. Named the Best Sativa at the 2015 Oregon DOPE cup, this strain is a delicious cross between Blueberry x an Unknown sativa dominant hybrid. Bright and energetic with a cerebral buzz that will keep you going, Strawberry Ice provides sugary sweet strawberry flavours with hints of min on the exhale.

Strawberry Durban Diesel

Strawberry genetics stretch far and wide and Strawberry Durban Diesel from Loud Seeds is another rare example. This strain is created by crossing Strawberry Cough x Durban Poison. Strawberry Durban Diesel surprises many with feelings of arousal, but most describe the high as mostly uplifting in nature. This strain can produce THC levels up to 25% and flowers in 8-10 weeks.

If you’re looking to get super high and up your creativity levels, you’ve come to the right place. Strawberry Durban Diesel is an amazing way to boost your imagination and really think outside the box. For years we have seen writers, artists, singers, and so many more like them use Strawberry Durban Diesel. Why may you ask? Well, as some of you may know, your mind’s imagination has natural limits. For some people these limits are different, but the notion still stands. Fortunately for the less artistic of us out there, Marijuana does a great job at abolishing borders. Not to mention this particular strain is actually quite good at it. Ever seen movies where people get high and then get all these weird ideas? That’s because they’re truly thinking outside the box. Stop letting the writer’s block get in your way. Need new ideas for a painting or a song, well you’ve come to the right place! Smoke some Strawberry Durban Diesel today and experience the magnificence!

Users of Strawberry Durban Diesel will definitely tell you that it tastes a lot like strawberry, but interestingly enough, it also tastes like diesel! A lot of people think this is a bit of a weird combination when they first try it, but after actually using it, they’re sold. Most find that the combination is exactly what they wanted and that the taste is actually kind of addicting. It’s almost as though some people just smoke this for the taste! The smell is actually quite similar. You’ll notice right away that the scent of strawberries and diesel is still quite present, but a lot sweeter at the same time. This is perfect for people who have a sweet tooth.

Fortunately, there are actually quite a few medical benefits! People suffering from stress and anxiety will undoubtedly enjoy this strain, for it makes stressors simply insignificant. It’s a great way to chill out after a long day’s work. Another great use of this is to better your sleep! A lot of people find that they begin to sleep a lot better after using Strawberry Durban Diesel. This strain is also very good at combating depression, OCD triggers, and more! For more information on Strawberry Durban Diesel, we definitely recommend checking out some reviews, as well as visiting your local weed or pot shop! Do keep in mind that there may be some negative side effects, but they’re nothing major. Just the usual dry mouth and dry eyes!

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