Trix is thought to be the most potent Columban Gold Hybrid created by Riot Seeds. This strain is achieved by crossing a New World Landrace x Loompa’s Chemdawg D Cut. These two strain come together to provide a jolt of energy and motivation that is hard to matched by other strains. Trix also offers a complex aroma of sweet fruit and fuel and flowers in around 10 weeks.

Tangerine Sunrise

Start your day with the rejuvenating qualities of the sun and Tangerine Sunrise by Colorado Seed Inc. One of their most popular strains, its is also listed by Westerword as the Top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2014.Tangerine Sunrise crosses Hawaiian Sunrise x Tangenesia (Ghiesel x Amnesia Haze x Tangerine Haze) into a shining star of a strain. The effects start with a light body buzz and subtle cerebral euphoria. Stay upbeat and bask in aromas of fresh oranges and haze musk. Tangerine Sunrise plants are long and fluffy with bright neon green colours.


They say the American Dream is an illusion, but we all know the Jamaican Dream of sand and salivas is alive and well. Jamaican Dream is bred by Eva Seeds by combining indigenous Jamaican landrace genetics. Ideal for early morning and afternoon, the effects are light and energizing. Jamaican Dream has a sweet and subtle flavour originating from its tropical birth place and has a 42 to 45 flowering cycle.

Haze Berry

Like a cool mist on a hot summer day, Haze Mist will satisfy your senses. This strain is a cross between the classic South Indian Skunk x Haze strain. Sweet, sour, and spicy all at the same time, Haze Mist can top 21% in THC content inducing a full body high. This plant stretches for the sun like a true sativa, and has a 13-14 week flowering cycle.

Emerald Jack

Follow the yellow brick road, but pass Emerald City to find Emerald Jack. This priceless bud is a hybrid with two legendary ancestors. Emerald OG adds its pungent stench to the extraordinary terpene profile, while Jack Herer contributes the cerebral buzz and earthy flavours. The combination of woodsy zest and skunky exhale provides a treasured feast for the senses.
The Emerald Jack strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that was created by Emerald Triangle Seeds. This is a company out in Northern California that breeds various cannabis strains. The THC content of this strain is around 15% to 20%. This makes it a strain that newcomers and veterans both can use effectively. The flowers found on Emerald Jack are fairly tiny and have a round shape to them, almost like the shape of popcorn. You’ll notice that the buds are densely and tightly packed together, almost like what you’d see in an indica-dominant strain as opposed to a sativa one. Emerald Jack must’ve gotten its name from its vibrant Emerald green leaves. If you look close, you’ll also see some rusty-coloured pistils on the surface of the leaves. If you don’t have a grinder to bust up the weed, you’ll without a doubt, have very sticky hands afterwards.

Characteristics Of Emerald Jack

It’s not too common for a sativa-dominant strain to do this, but Emerald Jack takes a couple of minutes longer than many strains before the effects will start to kick in. When they do decide to kick in, consumers will feel an initial subtle alteration in their thinking patterns. If they were concentrated and focused before consuming the weed, their thoughts might start to jump around a lot after a few tokes. Consumers might also become more aware of their surroundings and will begin thinking about everything around them on a deeper level. In addition to these cerebral effects, users will feel a heightened sense of well-being and elation. If you need to get a project done that requires a sharp sense of creativity, then Emerald Jack is a perfect strain to consume before that. If you’re feeling lazy and drowsy, but have a list of multiple things that need to get done, smoking some Emerald Jack will lend a hand in motivating you with energy levels that will help you see your tasks through. Emerald Jack typically won’t cause users to be stuck in a state of couchlock. If you consume this weed a little too late in the evening, it might cause you to stay awake longer than you’d like.

Medicinal Benefits Of Emerald Jack

Emerald Jack is a useful strain for medicinal cannabis users. For those dealing with attention deficit disorders, the concentration and focus that Emerald Jack can provide will assist in keeping a mind of clarity. Because of the feelings of inspiration caused by consuming this strain, it makes it beneficial for people who suffer from depression or high-stress levels. It can also help people who deal with low appetite problems. Users have noted that the pain of migraines and headaches has been relieved as well. If you are susceptible to anxiety, this strain isn’t recommended because of the mind racing that can occur.


Elephants never forget, yet this old school, classic strain has been around for so long that no one even knows its genetic originas anymore. Plants are hung like an elephant, with enormous colas and chunky flowers that emit a somewhat spicy, candied smell. Potent and cerebral, Elephant is a heavy-hitter leaving users feeling chatty, tingly and exhilarated.


Buh-bye Zaire, it’s the Congo now! Congo by Ace Seeds is the descendant of two crossed Congolese buds: Congo #3 and Bangi Congo for a whole lot of Congo goodness. Sativa genes and cerebral Kush genetics results in meditative introspection punctuated with a perma-grin. Flavored with ammonia and tropical fruits with notes of berries.


Light up in a blaze of glory! By crossing the indica-leaning Blueberry with Haze, British Columbia Seed Company created Blaze, a sativa dominant firestarter. This relative of Blueberry Haze and Blue Dream boasts the smell and brain buzz of Haze, mixed with the optimal growth cycle of Blueberry. Flavors of grapes with spicy woody notes make Blaze a fave. Blaze some Blaze!

Bay 11

Bay 11 is a 10/10 sativa and a 2011 Cannabis Cup award-winner. Bred by Grand Daddy Purp, its gentics remain a mystery, though rumor has it that the strain is an Appalachain descendant. Dense buds are covered in amber resin and can be grown indoor or out. Indoor flowering is around 9 weeks, while outdoor harvests happen at the end of October. Bay 11 is an ideal wake ‘n bake strain, providing energetic focus. Medicinal users appreciate daytime relief and appetite boosts.

Whitewalker OG

Arya may have slain the Night King, but Whitewalker OG lives on. Not to be confused with White Walker Kush, Whitewalker OG is an indica variation of the iconic SFV OG Kush by Gold Coast Collection. From far south of the wall, this LA native was a 2013 Cannabis Cup champion. Growers love the high yields and heavy resin production. This strain is dripping in a potent layer of glittering trichomes, with strong earthy flavors of wood and skunk.
People love the White Walker strain of cannabis, plain and simple. It has a consistently potent THC content level that sits at around 22%. Users will love this strain because of its unique combination of flavors, smells, and effects. Even after you’re done exhaling the smoke, you’ll still experience the pleasant aftertaste of the WhiteWalker strain. Because the strain is so loved among users, it’s not too hard to find White Walker Strain info or a White Walker strain review.

Therapeutic Benefits of White Walker

The White Walker OG strain starts with a swift high that will take you off your feet with energy. It provides an almost instant uplifting feeling of energy that users will feel in their heads. For the artists or athletes out there, this strain is beneficial in providing that extra edge that can help get you to the next level. It is a happy and tingly type of high that just really has you feeling better about everything. At the same time, users will feel a body high. The body high makes the White Walker Kush strain a good one to smoke before doing yoga or meditation. White Walker creates a high that lasts longer than a lot of strains. Users will experience a feeling of euphoria, and they will generally just feel more upbeat than usual. Once the high begins to wear off, users will start to crash and feel an intense sensation of a couch-lock. It is recommended to consume this strain before dinner. That way, users can enjoy the energy of it, while still enjoying the sedative effects by the time they are ready for bed.
Medicinal marijuana users can greatly benefit from White Walker. Those dealing with various mood disorders will find much relief. Those that have depression or bipolar will like uplifting feelings that will result in a more positive mindset. Anxiety will also fade away after a couple of tokes of White Walker. Those that struggle with general fatigue or a lack of motivation will love how White Walker gives them an instant boost of energy that will have them wanting to get out and do things. It’s good to use that energy to your advantage while it lasts because the heavy and sedative feelings soon kick in.

Growing White Walker

For those inexperienced at growing, this strain will work well to cultivate. The yields that are produced are very high, and the strain has a natural resistance to mold. The fragrance it gives off is also relatively discreet. The flowering time of White Walker averages around 8 to 10 weeks.
White Wolf is an enjoyable strain for anyone that likes an energetic high that is mixed with a sedative come down. Many extract artics also like this strain because of its high amount of resin.

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