Bathe yourself in extravagance with the Xanadu strain bred by Dutchgrown Seeds. Xanadu, named after the palace of Mongol emperor Kublai Khan, is a cross between X-18 x DTC99 strains. This luxurious blend is known to simulate a hyper active state and encourage a creative personality. The citrus aroma is a nice calming compliment to the strains energetic effects.

Thai Haze

Enjoy a spicy toke of Thai Haze, a long flowering sativa with iconic effects. Thai Haze is a cross between Thai x Haze requiring a large amount of space and soil to grow healthy. Thai Haze is a creeper, providing a slow onset high that hits hard once it arrives. The almost psychedelic effects combine with a smooth aroma of spice and skunk to ease your mind and arouse your senses. Thai Haze also offers a mellow and beautiful earthy sweetness that tickles your tongue upon exhale.

Tesla Tower

Tingly sensations like little bolts of electricity will flow through your body when you use Tesla Power by Lazy Bee Gardens. This sativa-dominant cross between White Fire OG x Snowcap is a silver medal winner for Best Sativa at the 2017 Dope cup. The creative powers of the White Fire genetics and the energy of Snowcap combine into a true product strain. The long-lasting effects of Tesla Tower are widely heralded and for good reason.

This is a super flavourful strain that you won’t give up easily. With strong flavors and aromas strikingly similar to that of salt and pepper, this is the salt lover’s dream. But don’t worry, the flavor of the Tesla Tower doesn’t just stop there. After a while, you’ll notice that the salty Earth fades away, and is replaced by strong citrus with sugary undertones. That’s right! We’ve now switched from salty to sweet! What’s better than a little contrast? Nothing! The aroma is actually quite similar. Not only will you smell the familiar salt and pepper, but the citrus and sugar will actually hit you a lot quicker. And unlike the taste, the two opposites will blend rather than swap. It’s truly a remarkable combination of flavors and aromas.

Tesla Tower strain is a wonderful addition to our list of energizing strains. Not only will it make you feel like you’ve drunk a hundred coffees, but you won’t feel all the usual side effects of caffeine! Yes, that’s right! No jitters, no anxiety, no stress, and no upset stomach! You’ll be super energized with little to no side effects whatsoever! That’s something you can’t even get from the most high-quality energy drinks! Because of its crazy energizing effects, you won’t actually need to worry about fatigue anymore. We don’t recommend smoking this before driving (as that’s typically illegal in places where there are laws) but if you’re working from home and can’t stay awake long enough to finish your work, you should definitely try Tesla Tower.

One of the greatest parts about the Tesla Tower strain is just how turned on you and your partner will get if you smoke this stuff. Granted if you smoke too much you might be ridiculously hyper, but if you smoke just the right amount, chances are you’re going to have the best sex of your life. The energy bouncing back and forth between you and your partner in the bedroom will be amped up to a level beyond ten out of ten. You’re going to both feel confident, in control, and you’ll probably end up forgetting who’s the dominant one because you both will work with such coordination that you’ll end up thinking you’re one person. Trust us, it’s a truly remarkable experience, and if you haven’t experienced it, you’re really missing out.


Sinai is a rare landrace strain originating from the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. Bred for generations by the indigenous Bedouin population, Sinai has two known phenotypes, one shorter and one taller. The buds provide a potent THC content of up to 15% and the high is characterized as energetic and blissfully happy. Although energized a gentle euphoria will help calm your mind and body. Sinai is strain with a pungent sweet earth aroma blended with that classic skunk odor. Used for religious practices in the Middle East for centuries, Sinai was originally fertilized using mud from the Nile.

Santa Sativa

With a plethora of healing effects, Santa Sativa will answer your prayers. Santa Sativa is a sativa-dominant strain created by crossing Haze #1 x (Skunk x Northern Lights). Enjoy light euphoria and a mellow buzz that provides stimulation and energy. Santa Sativa has a diverse aroma blending pine, incense, lemons, and pine into a thick wafting scent. These plants grow dark green buds and flower in an average of 10 weeks.

Russian Doll

Layered like a Babushka, Russian Doll by Kannabia Seed Company is a sativa-dominant strain with a variety of effects. Russian Doll crosses Northern Lights x AK-47 x Kuban Sativa into a densely blooming plant. This rare strain hits you with a cerebral effect which instills your mind with euphoria and creativity. Your mind will soar, and your body will be deeply relaxed. Russian Doll has a strong sour citrus odor mixed with spicy lime.

If you’re looking for a strain that is bound to make you super focused and overwhelmingly concentrated on the task at hand this is the strain for you. A lot of people around the world suffer from ADHD which for those who are unfamiliar is a mental ailment that makes it very difficult for someone to concentrate on one thing for any longer than a moment. By clearing your brain of stress and giving you what many call tunnel vision you’re effectively combating ADHD in a way that no other substance could accomplish.

Are you curious about what the Russian doll strain actually tastes like? Well, you’re in luck because here at canncentral.com we have all the answers. Most people find that the Russian doll strain tastes a lot like salt and pepper which is great if you like salty foods. But it doesn’t stop there because the strain is also well known for its spicy undertones which make for an undoubtedly addictive combo. Many people actually find that the smell and various aromatic elements that are present with this strain are very similar to that of the flavors. At first, you’ll definitely smell the very unique aroma that comes off of the pepper, and then later on you’ll smell like what can only be described as jalapeño peppers. The combination is as addictive as it is tasty and we have got to say that it is sure as hell tasty.

You may think that what we have already makes it seem pretty good but it doesn’t stop there. This strain is also great if you’re looking to up your creativity levels. The thing with creativity is that it’s often based on our imagination and depending on your mood and other situational factors your imagination often has limits. The Russian doll strain is a great way to push these limits and truly discover some very unique and interesting ideas. Because of this a lot of people who do jobs that are creative tend to really enjoy the Russian doll strain. These jobs include author, artist, painter and so many more.

The Russian doll strain tends to be very strong and potent. Therefore we don’t recommend it be used by absolute beginners. Typically this strain is most used by people with relative experience, meaning it is perfect for both intermediate users and veteran users alike. For more information on the Russian doll strain, we recommend you visit your local weed dispensary or your family doctor.

Ocean View

Enjoy the breeze and the sunset on the horizon, with Ocean View from Leafs by Snoop. This strain is grown by Canadian LP Tweed and represents a great option as a classic sativa. Ocean View takes you away on a vacation, surrounding you with sweet, fruity, and earthy flavours. The effects will melt your stress away and allow you to enjoy any productive or outdoor activities.

Mountain Thunder

Looking for a strain to help you leave this world? Enter the wardrobe with Narnia, a sativa-dominant strain that crosses Jack Herer x Trainwreck. This strain hits you fast, sparking creativity and imagination akin to its name. Narnia is a long-lasting high great for outdoor or physical activity. The plants smell strong of citrusy spice and the buds have a sweet taste to tickle your palate.

The Mountain Thunder strain is a favorite among people who love the outdoors. If you’ve ever hiked through the woods, you know how beautiful and calming it can be. Mix that experience with Mountain Thunder, and you’ll be taken on a trip you’ll never forget. A lot of users claim that when they spend some time outdoors, regardless of what they were doing, they feel like everything is emphasized. Every piece of beauty that would normally pop out and catch your eye seems a lot more amazing. Going beyond the outdoors, a lot of users claim their libido increases exponentially. Also, a lot of people find that they’re more focused. Whether they’re focused on nature, or on television, the intense concentration that many find is crazy.

The Mountain Thunder weed strain definitely has some significant medical benefits. First of all, this particular strain is great for reducing inflammation. With a reduction inflammation, you’ll see a reduction in pain, and an increase in mobility. Perhaps this is why people love to smoke it in the outdoors. Another medical benefit is stress reduction (according to various mountain thunder strain reviews). Our world can be crazy, but this particular weed strain slows everything down. We live in an age where everything is always in your face, and everything seems so fast. Slowing all this down will calm you significantly. This strain is also pretty significant for those suffering from depression. Weed strains tend to release a lot of serotonin and dopamine into the brain, and this strain does this very well. A lot of users have noticed their mood is elevated, their depressive episodes lessen in severity, and they generally just feel happier. 

The Mountain Thunder weed strain smells a lot like your typical weed. A lot of skunks, earth, and wood (according to various mountain thunder strain reviews). Some even say that they smell pepper, which is interesting because the smell alone is enough to make a lot of people sneeze. As for the taste, a lot of people find the presence of pepper to be a lot more prominent. Alongside the pepper tends to be wood, pine, and dirt. 

Do keep in mind that there are some negative side effects. A lot of people tend to experience dry mouths, although this particular side effect is common for most weed strains. Other possible side effects are dry eyes, mild dizziness, and more (according to various mountain thunder strain reviews). In order to avoid these side effects make sure you dose yourself appropriately and drink plenty of fluids. If you ever experience any of these side effects for longer than a short while, make sure you visit a medical professional.

Memory Loss

Hola Amigos! Mexico offers a variety of indigenous landrace cannabis strains that grow natively in the region. These strains are referred to simply as “Mexican,” and are usually sativa in structure and effect.


Only the Amazon jungle can produce such a legendary landrace sativa. Mekamika Haze is a 2015 Amsterdam Unity Cup winner for Best Sativa which crosses an Amazonian Landrace strain x Mango Rosa from Brazil. This extremely rare phenotype will leave you in a could of bliss and euphoria and you feel stress and anxiety melt away. The plants are challenging to grow, as they grow tall and lanky. However, dedicated farmers are rewarded with a full bodied tropical citrus aroma.

Northwest Territories
Hay River Yellowknife
Acton Ajax ALEXANDRIA Alliston Almonte Amherstburg Ancaster Angus Arnprior Aurora Bancroft Barrie Barry's Bay Beamsville Beaverton Belle River Binbrook Blenheim Blind River Bowmanville Bownmanville Bracebridge Bradford Brampton Brantford Bridgenorth Brights Grove Brockville Burlington Caledonia Cambridge Carleton Place Chatham Coboconk Collingwood Collinwood CORNWALL, Courtice Crystal Beach Deep River Dryden Dundas Dunnville East York Elliot Lake Embrun Essex Etobicoke Fort Erie Fort Frances Gananoque Georgetown Gloucester Goderich Gormley Grand Bend Gravenhurst Greater Napanee Guelph Haliburton Hamilton Hanmer Hanover Harrow Hawkesbury Hillsdale Huntsville Innisfil Kanata Kapuskasing Kenora Keswick Kingston Kirkland Lake Kitchener Lakefield Leamington Lindsay Listowel London Midland Milton Mount Forest Nepean New Hamburg New Liskeard Newcastle Niagara Falls North Bay North York Northbrook Oldcastle Ontario Orangeville Orillia Orléans Oshawa Ottawa Owen Sound Paris Parry Sound Pembroke Penetanguishene Perth Petawawa Peterborough Pickering Picton Port Burwell Port Colborne Port Hope Port Perry Port Sydney Prescott Rama Renfrew Ridgetown Rockland Rockwood Rosseau Sarnia Sauble Beach Sault Ste. Marie Scarborough Seguin Sheguiandah Shelburne Simcoe Smith Falls Smiths Falls St Thomas St. Catharines St. Catherines Stirling Stittsville Stoney Creek Stouffville Stratford Strathroy Sturgeon Falls Sudbury Thunder Bay Timmins Toronto Trenton Tweed Uxbridge Val Caron Vanier Wallaceburg Wasaga Beach Waterdown Waterloo Watford Welland Whitchurch-Stouffville Windsor Wingham Woodstock York