Webster will have you putting your reading glasses on and getting focused for some intense and long-lasting productivity. This stimulating sativa is fast-acting, and motivates you to get the important things done. Webster has a pleasant aroma combined with flavours of earth and citrus mixed in. Utilize this strain to treat stress, fatigue and appetite loss.

Tangerine Sunrise

Start your day with the rejuvenating qualities of the sun and Tangerine Sunrise by Colorado Seed Inc. One of their most popular strains, its is also listed by Westerword as the Top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2014.Tangerine Sunrise crosses Hawaiian Sunrise x Tangenesia (Ghiesel x Amnesia Haze x Tangerine Haze) into a shining star of a strain. The effects start with a light body buzz and subtle cerebral euphoria. Stay upbeat and bask in aromas of fresh oranges and haze musk. Tangerine Sunrise plants are long and fluffy with bright neon green colours.


Soak in some of that vital vitamin D with the Sunshine strain. This sativa-dominant strain is has unknown genetic origins due to a lack of information, but its name tells this whole story. Sunshine brightens your day with uplifting, happy and motivational feelings of euphoria. Let’s not forget the citrusy sweet flavours that accompany the pleasant buzz.

Pineapple Thai

One of the rarest strains in the world, Pineapple Thai is a 100% pure sativa strain with unknown genetics. This strain boasts a high 5% CBD content and a THC content between 20-24% making it a versatile medicine for many applications. Pineapple Thai provides effective pain relief without sedation and is can be an option for daytime use, although nighttime consumption may be preferred for new users due to its powerful effects.

Pineapple Super Silver Haze

Fruity right to the core, Pineapple Super Silver Haze is a world-famous strain with legendary lineage. Pineapple Super Silver Haze is a cross between Pineapple Express x Super Silver Haze. This bud is a creeper in effect that slowly progresses in intensity. Pineapple Super Silver Haze will help you rise to new heights and feel social and giggly. The buds have a zesty, citrusy flavour that leaves you with tingles on your tongue. Strong and cerebral and hard to stop consuming, Pineapple Super Silver Haze is a like hot cup of coffee to start your day.
The Pineapple Super Silver Haze strain is a powerful sativa-dominant one that is marked by an unknown origination story. It’s unclear who initially grew this cannabis strain, but it is most commonly sold across the Californian markets. The THC content in it is usually found to hover around 19%. It’s a good strain to use when you’re wanting a little bit of flair to your mood. It can sometimes be hard to find top-shelf Pineapple Super Silver Haze in any region outside of California.

Pineapple Super Silver Haze Characteristics

For those who have had an opportunity to give this strain a try, they were probably surprised by its random and intense properties. The buds on this strain are very dense and tightly packed together, almost like an indica. You’ll see a couple of orange-coloured hairs on the outskirts of it and consumers should keep in mind that this one is very sticky because of the thick coating of trichomes that coat the bud. Pineapple Super Silver Haze gives off a potent aroma that is common with the Haze strains of weed. You’ll smell flowers and fruits, but also a bit of kush. A lot of people love the taste of this weed. It gives off a strong pineapple flavour, which is no surprise.
Pineapple Super Silver Haze isn’t only well-known for its sweet and delicious taste. If you are going to consume this strain, expect to feel some pretty potent effects. It is a strain that sometimes catches consumers off-guard because the high slowly creeps up on you. Sometimes novice smokers will find a strain they haven’t tried before and consumed a little more than they should have and then become stuck in an anxious, paranoid, and dizzy fog. This is what can happen with the Super Silver Pineapple strain if you aren’t careful with it. It’s best to start off slow with this weed instead of packing a gigantic bowl and cashing it out in one sitting.

Effects Of Pineapple Super Silver Haze

Smoking this weed can really increase the mood of people. This makes it ideal for use in people that deal with depression. It’s also known to make people feel more sociable and talkative. It’s a full mind and body relaxation strain that will create a surge of creativity, and that’s why it’s great to enjoy this one with a group of friends. If you’re wanting a nice pick-me-up before you go out to a social gathering, this should be the weed of choice.

Pineapple Sage

Bless your mind and soul with Pineapple Sage by Love Genetics. This strain is an interesting backcross of a famous CBD dominant strain Rich Blessing showing some recessive genetics. Pineapple Sage presents a balanced 2:1 THC/CBD ratio with some psychoactive effects. This strain provides a light tingly feeling at first and a touch of euphoria. However, Pineapple Sage is light enough to provide focus and motivation for tasks that are seldom boring. The plants smell of citrus and sage while tasting like tropics.

Pineapple Purps

Sometimes referred to as “Purple Pineapple,” Pineapple Purps is a super rare strain with a potent THC: THCV ratio of 3:1. Pineapple Purps crosses Pineapple Express x Purps allowing the THCV to shine through and still pack a THC potent of up to 17%. THCV is known to help relieve panic attacks, tremors and suppress appetite, which is why Pineapple Purps is used in a wide variety of medical applications. The buds hit you with a psychoactive and energetic high that can overwhelm some at the time and smell of tropical fruit.

Pineapple Purps is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is unique in character, many weed connoisseurs claim that it contains Cheese or Pineapple Express genes, but nothing has yet been proven. Pineapple Purps is one of the most potent sativa-leaning strains. Veteran cannabis users who review this strain give it high ratings and recommend that newbies or weed users with low tolerance take a low dosage. The THCV cannabinoid contained in Purple Purps adds to its uniqueness. This cannabinoid is usually only found in small amounts in most cannabis strains but this strain produces high amounts of the compound, with ratios as high as 3:1.

Pineapple Purps products are potent and known for having deep green flowers with hints of vibrant violet to complement the insides and the outside of the bud. This is unlike many other sativa-dominant weed plants. It has musty, sweet earth with tropical undertones. In terms of flavor, occasional users say it tastes like a combination of earthy pineapple and berry-based wine. It also has intense psychoactive effects.

If you are a marijuana user who does not like sativas, or if you don’t prefer a heady high, then you need to take a low dosage, it can definitely become overwhelming.

When it comes to alleviating medical ailments, stress relief really takes the cake. Doesn’t matter what you’re stressed about, because when you start smoking this it’s not going to matter any longer. Seriously, this is some really strong, but also really soothing stuff. Some people also use Purple Pineapple to alleviate depressive episodes, and even OCD triggers (although it hasn’t been proven that this actually works). Typically people with OCD suffer from various triggers, but Purple Pineapple really helps make those triggers obsolete.

One super strong effect of Purple Pineapple is the crazy focus and concentration. If you’re working from home and are struggling to stay focused on a work task, try Purple Pineapple. Being high on this is like snorting a bunch of cocaine. You’re going to be so focused nothing will distract you. A plane would crash outside your house and you probably wouldn’t notice. That’s how focused you’ll become. Trust us, when it comes to focusing and being super productive, nothing else comes close to the quality of Purple Pineapple.

Pineapple Punch

Take a flavour punch of pineapple from the Flying Dutchmen with the Pineapple Punch strain. This sativa-dominant strain crosses Hawaiian Indica Real McCoy x Skunk #1. Pineapple Punch stimulates your mind and gives you a feeling of urgency and productivity. The energetic head buzz slowly subsides while the haze-lock creeps in. Like the name suggests, this strain hits you with a tropical combination of aromas like pineapple, citrus, and sweet floral bursts. Pineapple Punch is perfect for that daytime gathering or outdoor adventure.

Pineapple OG

Both famed and potent, Pineapple OG lives up to its legend. Pineapple OG is a smart cross between Pineapple Express x OG Kush. Depending on the phenotype, these plants could be sativa or indica dominant both being a relatively rare find. Pineapple OG is a potent strain with a high that hits you in the head and body. It tastes of sweet, skunks pineapple and releases on the door of lemon fuel and pine. If you are on the West Coast, Pineapple OG is certainly worth the search.
The Pineapple OG strain of cannabis has a varying THC level, usually averaging between 17% and 26%. If you find some of this weed that is on the higher end of the THC spectrum, then you should exercise caution if you aren’t an experienced user. The flowers on Pineapple OG are pretty big and the leaves are tiny, but they kind of shape inward to the main stems of the plant. You’ll typically see green and yellow leaves that contain neon-looking orange pistils on them. Many people that see this strain will give it a second glance because of its appeal. The trichomes coating the buds on the plant are very sticky to the touch.
OG Pineapple will hit you rapidly after your initial tokes. Users will typically experience a quick head rush that will feature a few unusual sensations in the cheeks. The high moves up to the mind pretty fast and users will notice that their thoughts are intense. Doing activities or jobs that require an analytical mind or high degree of problem-solving will be perfect after smoking some Pineapple OG. If you’re bored around the house and need some added excitement, this is also a good strain to make things a little more interesting. Sometimes users will experience slight changes in their visual and auditory perceptions, which makes watching movies or listening to some music an ideal activity shortly after consumption. Pineapple OG exhibits some physical symptoms around an hour after consumption. Users will start to feel tingles running down their neck and throughout the limbs.

Medicinal Uses For Pineapple OG

Medicinal marijuana users will find that Pineapple OG is useful for a number of different issues. Because the strain causes a relaxing body high after consumption, users will find relief from muscle tension in their body. Pain and other achy feelings can be temporarily eliminated from smoking this weed. For those that deal with attention deficit disorders, Pineapple OG can lend a hand in helping them concentrate on tasks more efficiently, thanks to its cerebral effects. If you deal with any type of nausea or cramping issues, the anti-inflammatory properties from smoking this will lend a helping hand. One thing to note with this strain is that people who are prone to anxiety or paranoia should probably stay away from this one, as it can tend to sway the thinking into sometimes the wrong direction if you aren’t in the right atmosphere or mindset.

Pineapple Jack

Take a smack from Pineapple Jack, the sativa-dominant strain that does present some indica genetics. This strain breeds together Jack Herer x Pineapple to help you soar to new heights. Pineapple Jack typically induces a clear-headed and creative boost of sociability. Melt your stress away and alleviate anxiety, depression and irritability. Pineapple Jack smells of luring citrus and earth flavours mixed with elements of pine.

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