Zelly’s Gift

Another rare strain by Dragonfly Earth Medicine, Zelly’s Gift is a present for anyone looking for a functional strain. Zelly’s Gift is a cross between (Afgoo x Purple Thai x Super Lemon Haze x God Bud) x Jack Herer. This potent cross offers an extremely long-lasting high that uplifts you and provides energy and euphoria. The flavors of the plant come from its indica lineage, giving off aromas of lime and grape.

Are you a fan of super spicy foods? Maybe you like citrus and lime as well? If so, you’re in for quite a treat. When smoking Zelly’s Gift all you’ll be able to taste is the beautiful smell of Chile peppers and lime. Not to mention your taste buds will be on fire. But not on fire in a bad way, but rather, a beautifully tasty and addictive way. A lot of people have been known to smoke this strain just because of its flavor and smell. Do keep in mind though that if you don’t like spicy foods you’re probably not going to like this! Not to mention it’s actually super strong. It’s like eating some hot peppers and then drinking a giant glass of lemonade. Awesome if you’re into that, no so awesome if you aren’t.

Zelly’s Gift is going to make you super high. Not in the usual couch-locked way, but instead, in a creative and unique way. You’re going to be seeing everything around you in a completely different light. A lot of people like to rewatch television shows or movies while smoking Zelly’s Gift because it lets them think about the movie in an entirely new way. You’ll be interpreting different things in different ways, and it honestly is just a super interesting high that you’ll experience. As far as creativity goes, it’s not limited to perspective. If you have trouble coming up with creative ideas or are always second-guessing yourself about the ideas that you already have created, Zelly’s Gift will help. It’ll not only boost your imagination and creativity skills, but you’ll feel confident when you actually have ideas. And this won’t be some sort of false confidence or overconfidence, it’s true and unbiased.

If you’re wondering whether or not Zelly’s Gift is any good for alleviating symptoms, you’re in luck. If you suffer from stress and/or anxiety, Zelly’s Gift may be what you need. By calming you down and making you think less about your stressors, you’ll feel soothed and at peace. If you suffer from depression, Zelly’s Gift may also help you. By boosting serotonin and dopamine production in your brain, you’re effectively balancing the imbalances that caused the depression in the first place. You’re basically striking it down at its core.

Do keep in mind that this marijuana strain may have some negative side effects. The first being dry eyes. If dry eyes persist for longer than an hour or two after smoking, see a doctor. Another potential side effect is dry mouth. This is typically due to dehydration and smoke inhalation. All you need to do to alleviate this ailment is to drink a lot of fluids while smoking. Keep Gatorade or something near you.

White Nightmare

Escape your dream-like state and enter a new realm with White Nightmare. This delicious strain crosses the best parts of Blue Dream x White Moonshine into a strain that will help you break through the barriers of reality. White Nightmare produces a burst of euphoria that can haunt some inexperienced users, but its usually elevated the mind and ushers in a smooth body high.
White Nightmare is a strain that contains a THC content of around 20%. It provides users with a very potent yet satisfying high, even despite its scary sounding name. The size of the buds on White Nightmare weed is on the small side. They appear to be a dark green colour and you’ll see a tiny bit of red in them. Coating the surface of the bud is a layer of dusty trichomes that causes it to be tricky to bust it up using your hands. If you do use your hands, there’s no doubt that they will be very sticky afterwards. You’ll notice the berry aroma from White Nightmare almost instantly upon smelling it. After the weed has been broken up or ground, you might also notice a spicy type of fragrance. White Nightmare provides a very smooth inhale, and the flavour of the exhale will on the sweet and creamy side.
Users that haven’t tried this strain before shouldn’t be scared off by the name of it. It generally provides a pleasant high that will start off in the head. That head high starts to turn into a feeling of euphoria. If you have a bunch of things that you need to get done, consuming White Nightmare is an ideal strain to help with that, but it also depends on the mood you’re in before consuming it. It provides a nice touch of focus if your mind is feeling a little clouded, and because of this, it can help people with certain medical conditions.

Growing White Nightmare

Growers will like to know that this strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. This strain differs from its parent strains in that there are a lot fewer leaves on it. The typical flowering duration of White Nightmare is around 60 to 70 days. If you’re growing it outside, then it should be ready to harvest around the middle of October.

Medicinal Benefits Of White Nightmare

People who have certain types of attention deficit disorders can benefit from the focus and concentration that White Nightmare can provide. If you struggle with ongoing fatigue and lack of motivation, consuming this strain is a great way to help with that. Sometimes people just need a kick-start to their day, and a sativa like the White Nightmare strain is an ideal choice for those types of people. White Nightmare can spark up creativity in individuals that need to get more analytical types of tasks done.

White Haze

Bringing the haziest of tasty ladies together, White Haze is a 2002 Cannabis cup winning strain. It blends together White Widow x Haze into a strain that has become extremely popular over the years. Both sativa and indica effects are demonstrated in this plant, providing the consumer with an immediate euphoric rush without sedation or couch lock. The body buzz is mild and allows for mild discomfort and pain to fade away.


Suck your worries and stress away into the Vortex by Subcool’s the Dank. The Vortex is a sativa-dominant medical strain crossing Apollo 13 x Space Queen. A winner of first place in the 2010 Cannabis Cup, Vortex provides a cosmic euphoria and uplifting energy that will take you on a ride around orbit. Its sweet and sour flavour help accent its powerful and spacey effects. Vortex has hints of mango and lemon mixed with diesel fuel.

Tropicana Cookies

You’ll get caught with your hand in the cookie jar if the Tropicana Cookies strain from Phat Panda is left out on the counter. Tropicana Cookies dominates your palate with flavors of cookie an orange. The sativa dominant plants grow tall with purple and green buds.
Take a brief read to find out the most informative Tropicana Cookies strain info. Tropicana Cookies is a sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain that was produced by crossing the well-known Girl Scout Cookies strain with the Tangie strain. If you’re looking for a uniquely delicious flavor of cannabis that will have you craving more, then you’ve gotten lucky by coming across the Tropicana Cookies strain. As the nugs are burned, the earthy pine aroma mixed with sour spice will start to turn on the pungent side. Tropicanna provides a high that feels just as good as it looks. It provides effects that are long-lasting, and it will have you instantly getting off the couch.

Tropicana Strain Effects

Tropicana Cookies will result in an energetic high that starts almost instantly upon consuming it. It affects both the body and the mind at the same time. Users will feel a peculiar type of tingly happiness that overcomes them. A motivational surge will encapture user’s minds and have them wanting to do things they’ve never done before. After these initial energetic feelings start to wear off, users will feel a nice touch of relaxation overtake them. A physical calmness will be felt by most users, and the mind will continue soaring at the same time. Tropicana Cookies has a high THC average that ranges between 21% and 28%.
Those dealing with depression will greatly benefit from the uplifting effects of Tropicana Cookies. Nausea and appetite issues can also be treated after taking a couple of tokes. For those that deal with mood swings that range all over the board, Tropicana Cookies can help balance that out as well. It’s recommended to consume Tropicana Cookies during the day because of the high energy output that this strain gives users. The clear-headed high and uplifting of the mood make the strain very suitable for consuming before going into social gatherings. Users will enjoy fits of the giggles without being weighed down by heavy sedation.

Growing Tropicana Cookies

The Tropicana Cookies strain flowering time is typically around 60 to 70 days in duration. It produces a moderate yield and isn’t known to be too overly complicated to grow. It tends to grow well both indoors and outdoors. The strain can effectively grow in many different conditions. It works well in soil, aeroponic, and hydroponic systems.
For users that want a cheerful high that will provide a long-lasting feeling of euphoria and well-being, Tropicana Cookies is the strain to try. It is a completely well-rounded sativa/indica high that will have you wanting to try it over and over. Take a look around for Tropicana Cookies strain buy to try it out and reap the benefits of this perfect strain.


Feel the lightning course through your veins as you jump around like Angus Young with a Gibson guitar. Thunderstruck is the CBD strain named after the legendary rock n’ roll band from the land down under, AC/DC. This intelligent strain crosses two high CBD phenotypes to create a shocking 12:1 CBD: THC ratio that has a wide variety of medical applications. AC/DC helps mitigate nausea, inflammation, and pain with little to no psychoactive effect. The buds of this plant have an earthy aroma with subtle but grassy undertones.
It’s important for cannabis consumers to know that the Thunderstruck strain is not one you want to smoke if you want to get high. It only averages around a 2% THC content, but it is the CBD it contains that has many people using it. The buds on Thunderstruck are a very light shade of bright green and you’ll see many orange pistils popping out of the bud that is covered in trichomes. You’ll taste a mixture of herbs and spice when you consume Thunderstruck, and a type of woody fragrance will be smelled on the exhale.
Thunderstruck sounds like a strain that will get you completely blazed, but that’s just not the case. In the best circumstances, consumers might feel a very slight change in their mood and have heightened feelings of concentration that will help them finish their daily tasks. As the high starts to wind down, there will be subtle nuances of relaxation, but other than that, you won’t feel much else.
If you’re considering trying to grow Thunderstruck, you’ll like to know that it can be grown indoors or outdoors. It usually tends to grow broader as opposed to getting very tall. It only takes around 7 or 8 weeks to reach a good yield, and the availability of the feminized seeds make the entire growing process much easier.

Medicinal Benefits From Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck really becomes prominent in its ability to treat a number of medical ailments and symptoms experienced in the body and mind. If you are dealing with depression, you’ll feel that it will be lessened while using this strain. Stress levels will lower after a tough day or week at work and feelings of calmness will overtake you. The Thunderstruck pain relief experienced by users is where users will notice the most benefits. If you deal with any nagging fatigue, the feelings will dissipate.
If you’ve never had a chance to try out a CBD strain, then Thunderstruck should be the first one that you give a go at. Even though you won’t experience a psychoactive high that will have you in full sedation mode, you’ll love the way this strain takes away your pain and aches in your body. Based on reviews, Thunderstruck has received consistently high ratings for its ability to relieve stress, and that alone is a huge bonus.

Thai Haze

Enjoy a spicy toke of Thai Haze, a long flowering sativa with iconic effects. Thai Haze is a cross between Thai x Haze requiring a large amount of space and soil to grow healthy. Thai Haze is a creeper, providing a slow onset high that hits hard once it arrives. The almost psychedelic effects combine with a smooth aroma of spice and skunk to ease your mind and arouse your senses. Thai Haze also offers a mellow and beautiful earthy sweetness that tickles your tongue upon exhale.

Tangie Cookies

Set the oven to 420 degrees and get ready to bake with Tangie Cookies by Elev8 Seeds. This strain crosses the impeccable genetics of Girl Scout Cookies x Thin Mint x Tangie to create a loud, orange aroma. Tangie Cookies takes a bite out of stress and depression, allowing you to feel uplifted and stimulated to go about your day. This potent strain provides aromas and flavors akin to citrus fruits and a strong terpene profile.

Tangie Cookies Strain Info

For all your Tangie Cookies strain info, keep reading. Users will love getting their hands on Tangie Cookies. This Tangie Cookies review will go over all of the most important aspects of this unique strain. Cannabis users tend to love the Tangie Cookies strain because of its effects and characteristics. The buds on the plant are a minty-green color and almost resemble green popcorn. Taking a closer look at the buds, you’ll see bright orange pistils popping out, and a very thick and dense coating of trichomes. Sometimes the coating of trichomes is so thick that it can look like pure resin. When Tangie Cookies is busted up, a creamy and sour menthol type of aroma will be emitted. Users will love the interesting exhale flavors of sour citrus and cool mint.

Effects of Tangie Cookies

The high that Tangie Cookies produces tends to hit very fast and hard. It hits fairly similar to its cousin, Tangie Biscotti. Users who consume this strain will typically feel uplifted, happy, and euphoric, moments after smoking it. It is a good strain to use before engaging in social activities and gatherings. Overall, Tangie Cookies weed will just make you want to get out and do something active, whether it be outdoors or just hanging out with friends. You will feel an energetic high that will keep you moving until you finish your entire task list of chores that needed to get done. It is a motivating high that will help you get off the couch in no time at all.
Because of the motivating type of high that is produced from consuming Tangie Cookies, many different conditions and ailments can be treated with it. For those that are dealing with depression that tends to tear away at your motivation, smoking Tangie Cookies is a great strain to give you the boost you need. Tangie Cookies can relieve stress after a tough day at work and will have users not even thinking about how bad their Monday was. Users have found relief from headaches and migraines because of the pain-relieving effects that Tangie Cookies provides. Because Tangie Cookies is a hybrid strain, users will start to feel a little relaxed and sedated once the high reaches the end. Marijuana strain Tangie Cookies is useful for anyone that is feeling under the weather and has been putting off a project that they’ve needed to get done for weeks.

Tangie Cookies Cultivation

Tangie Cookies is a popular strain to grow for cultivators. This is because the breeder has marketed their seeds all over the internet, and the strain produces a great yield. The parents of Tangie Cookies don’t produce very good yields, so people flock to this one for the benefits. It is known to fill out quite densely, and growers are always surprised by how much it branches out.

Tangie Ghost Train

The spooky smooth strain Tangie Ghost Train by Rare Dankness lays the tracks in the right direction. Tangie Ghost Strain crosses Tangie x Ghost Train Haze # 1 to create a strain both delicious and eye-catching. Tangie Ghost Train provides a buzz that is energizing and a boost to your cerebellum. It’s perfect for snapping you out of your lazy state and its fresh cedar and orange aroma lull invites you out of your stupor. Tangie Ghost Train Haze grows crystal-covered buds that grow dense and thick.

Tangerine Trainwreck Haze

Feel the speed of a runaway freight train with Tangerine Trainwreck Haze by Rare Dankness Seeds. This strain is a delicate cross between Tangerine Haze x Neville’s Wreck. Tangerine Trainwreck Haze smashes you with a rush of euphoria and gets the wheels in motion for a creative and motivating day. The effect is amazing, and the aroma matches with tropical notes of spice, citrus, fuel, and paper. Tangerine Trainwreck Haze grows wide and large and provides a generous yield.

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