Waipi’o Hapa

Waipi’o Hapa is a Hawaiian strain hailing from the Waipi’o Valley on the North Shore of the Big Island of Hawaii. This strain boasts a THC level between 21-25% and has slow, creeping effects. However, when the effects of Waipi’o Hapa hit, you will feel energized and instilled with the wind of the ocean. This strain grows tall and large and flowers in 8 to 9 weeks.

Do you work from home? Do you have trouble getting your work done? Perhaps you’re falling asleep on the job? Well, this is the strain for you. Waipi’o Hapa will boost your focus levels to the point where you’ll be able to do anything. Data entry for hours? You bet. Writing a book and can’t seem to stay awake through the ending? Try this stuff. Not only will you be super focused, but you’ll be super euphoric and energized as well. If you’re just chilling out at home and are planning on trying this strain, get ready for some binge-watching! The majority of people who try this strain for recreational purposes tend to sit in front of their television and watch hours and hours of a series. Some have been known to watch multiple seasons of a show in one night!

Because this strain energizes you so much, it is ideal for people suffering from fatigue. Fatigue can wreak havoc upon your life. It stops you from doing what you love. But that stops today! Get out there and start smoking! The majority of people who try this in order to stay awake actually succeed! Waipi’o Hapa has also been known to help patients with ADHD and other attention-related disorders. Although it isn’t an ailment (although some would argue that it is), this particular strain is great for getting rid of writer’s block. Get rid of your creativity limitations today!

Waipi’o Hapa is also very good at reducing inflammation and chronic pain. A lot of users tend to injure themselves surfing or biking, and most of them say this strain helped a lot. Not only does this strain act as a natural painkiller (similar to a lot of strains), but the inflammation reduction capabilities actually allow more movement. More movement means the ability to stretch out the sore muscles and move on!

Do keep in mind that this particular strain may have a few side effects. Fortunately, this strain is on the lower end when it comes to side effects, but they’re still important to take note of. First of all, be prepared for dry mouth. If you’re a beginner, this is going to happen to you regardless of the strain you smoke. Secondly, it is dry eyes. If you’re smoking a joint, chances are the weed is going to get in your eyes. Last but certainly not least is paranoia. Typically paranoia only happens when you mess up a dosage. Be careful!


If you rely on consistent genetic origins, Schrom is not the strain for you. This sativa dominant strain and its genetics are still up to debate. Schrom is either a cross between Romulan x Silver Haze or Romulan x Santa Marta Columbian Gold. Regardless of its genetics, Schrom provides a clear-headed buzz and uplifting energy felt immediately in the head. Stay functional, while relaxing your body and relieving pain and stress. Schrom gives off a strong limey-lemon odor and is perfect for the morning or afternoon.

If you struggle to stay awake during the day, you definitely need to start smoking this strain. If you haven’t already, you’re really missing out. Seriously, just a few hits and you’ll be super energized. And don’t get us wrong. This isn’t like drinking a bunch of energy drinks. You’re going to feel super motivated and energized, but you won’t feel jittery. You won’t feel anxious, you won’t feel stressed. It’s the perfect remedy for fatigue and the perfect replacement for flawed modern energy methods like caffeine and chemicals. Alongside the energy, boost is the intense creativity you’re bound to feel. Have you been struggling with writer’s block? Are you an aspiring artist but can’t think of an original piece? Maybe you’re just struggling to write creative pieces for school? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, try this strain out right away. Schrom strain is bound to boost your imagination beyond its typical limits.

Wondering what this strain tastes like? Well, all you have to do to put that question into perspective is to imagine drinking lemonade! Yes, that’s right! A lot of people actually claim this strain tastes so citrus-like it’s basically lemonade! Regardless of whether or not everyone agrees with that claim, most would agree that it’s certainly refreshing and flavourful. The smell is slightly different. Most people claim that it smells like oranges rather than lemonade. Ever peeled an orange and smelled the peel? That beautiful fresh smell is exactly what this weed smells like.

Do you suffer from chronic pains? The Schrom strain is great at alleviating long-lasting pain. It may not be a permanent solution, but it’s one hell of a temporary one. You could rip your arm off and not feel it should you be high on this strain at the same time. Do you suffer from anorexia or another eating disorder? If so, you’re in luck. This strain will give you munchies like crazy. You’ll be eating so much while high on this that you’re bound to put on weight. Not to mention you won’t be able to purge it since you won’t feel nauseated at all while high on this! Overall this is a really great strain with some really great effects. If you’re not smoking it right now, you’re missing out.

Nina Limone

Nina Limone sounds more like a mixed cocktail than a cannabis strain. However, this strain created by Colorado Seed Inc crosses Super Lemon Haze x Rebel God Smoke to simulate the fresh and fast flavor of a cocktail. Nina Limone is a vibrant strain, that leaves you bright and bubbly with loads of energy for the day. It tastes of sweet lemony pine and gives off an aroma of earth and wood. Nina Limone produces hard, dense, resinous flowers with a fairly small yield.
This strain is named after the legendary singer, and the Nina Limone strain is equally unforgettable. The Super Lemon Haze strain that makes up one half of its lineage won the High Times Cannabis Cup first prize for two consecutive years. It also won the IC420 Growers Cup; it is clear that Nina Limone comes from epic roots. The strain is a Sativa leaning cannabis hybrid that has strong citrus flavors. When it is set alight or converted into an edible state, the Nina Limone strain has flavors that can best be described as lemon-lime. The Nina Limone plant produces gorgeous prosperous buds with hard flowers full of resins. The plant itself produces a small yield, it is great for adding to your personal stash, but it will not do much for you if you are looking to mass-produce the strain. If you manage to successfully grow some, it will definitely impress your friends.

Nina Limone weed strain review

Let’s get right into the Nina Limone weed strain review. The Nina Limone strain combines sweet tones with tart notes to create a gorgeous bud that offers a super mellow high. The high has a cerebral onset; that is, it begins in your mind. Just taking two or three puffs will send it quickly to your mind. Nina Limone has a THC level of about 20%; it is best used by experienced smokers. If you are a new weed smoker or if you know that you do not have a high THC tolerance, you will need to take a small dosage and pace yourself as you smoke. People who have existing paranoia and panic disorders should also take a small dosage as it can aggravate panic. The Nina Limone strain makes you feel more energetic all around if there is something you have been lazy to do- like your laundry- you should try smoking this bud and power through your mundane task. This weed strain is also great for social settings.
Medical cannabis patients can benefit from the healing properties of the strain. Nina Limone strain reviews say that this weed is a great daytime smoke. It is good for helping you get over fatigue, clinical exhaustion, and burn out. People who have chronic stress and depression may be in a more pleasant and uplifted mood after a Nina Limone dosage. It is also helpful to people who have attention deficit disorders such as ADD and ADHD might be able to focus more on one task at a time. Nina Limone cannabis is good as a form of relief from minor headaches, migraines, and pains caused by inflammation.
The plant demands a lot of tender love and care. It takes about 56 to 65 days for the plant to fully mature. When Nina Limone is grown inside, it thrives to the point of producing 600 grams per square meter at harvest time. When it is grown outdoors, it can yield as much as 800 grams per plant.

Middlefork x Pineapple Express

The novel Moby Dick is all about revenge, but this cannabis strain is all about forgiveness and forgetting. Moby Dick by Dinafem Seeds is a cross between indica-dominant hybrid White Widow x Sativa Haze. Moby Dick has one of the highest THC content among salivas and is a winner of the Girl of the Year award in 2010. The powerful effects of this strain let you forget past transgressions and benefit from a strong cerebral stimulation. This charged buzz has an aroma of sweet citrus and vanilla eucalyptus flavours. Moby Dick has a relatively short flowering period.

Lime Skunk

A trifecta of cannabis genetics combine to create Limon by LivWell. Limon is an intelligent three-way cross between Sour Diesel x Strawberry Diesel x NYC. When consumed, this strain has a a long lasting-lasting head buzz that will get you moving. The green buds are frosty in appearance wafting an aroma of diesel and skunk.

Lime Haze

Climb to new heights and breathe clear air with the pure native landrace strain Kilimanjaro. Originating in the mountainous areas of Tanzania, it was used for hunting an religious practices by indigenous populations. Sometimes referred to by local tribes as the “Elephant Stomper,” Kilimanjaro has highly energetic, hyper effects. It smells of fruit and lemon and grows tall like the mountain it is named after.

Hawaiian Snow

Enjoy a toke from the tasty lady herself: Hayley’s Haze by Cresco Labs. A sativa-dominant cross of Outer Space x Alien Dutchess, this haze leaves you relaxed but still able to complete your day. Hayley’s Haze is known for its potency, with sharp elements of focus and productivity. Enjoy an earthy flavour with spicy notes of citrus. Hayley’s Haze has dense buds and dusted in amber trichomes.

Gold King’s Thai

The golden seed for a truly luxurious smoking experience. Golden Calyx by Calyx garden is a cross between Grape Calyx x Golden Goat. This strain has unique aromas, flavours, and attributes. Aromas of bubble gum and lavender float alongside earth and pina colada. Golden Calyx is a sativa-dominant strain that provides long lasting energy. and wards of fatigue. The bugs are thick and heavy coated with golden amber undertones and white crystal trichomes.

Electric Lemon G

Electric Lemon G is an amped-up sativa combo of Northern Lights #5, G13, and a mysterious lemon-flavored hybrid that gives the strain its high-wattage lemon aroma. Zesty and buzzy, Electric Lemon G is a mood-boosting and spirit-lifting while providing relaxation and high-volt focus.
Take a quick read of this Electric Lemon g strain review for the most detailed information on this eclectic strain. The Electric Lemon strain is one that will help many users through any type of task that requires an extra surge of electricity. Its growers are based out of Amsterdam, and this delicious strain will have sativa lovers flocking to it for its ability to create a high that doesn’t have much of a comedown.
The Electric Lemon strain THC content stabilizes at around 21%, so it doesn’t take many tokes to really feel its electric effects. In addition to the lemon flavor of this strain, users will also taste grass and earthy elements in it. The nugs in Electric Lemon G strain are relatively dense, but other than that, they appear to be normal in appearance. Users will notice a nice dusting of crystal trichomes covering the bud, and this gives hints as to how potent and enjoyable the strain will be before consuming it. Some might ask, “what about the Electric Lemon strain CBD%? Those that are looking for a strain that is high in CBD won’t really benefit from Electric Lemon.

General Effects of Electric Lemon

Electric Lemon is a useful strain to consume if you have an extensive list of things that need to get done during the day. Some people will take a look at their chore list and start to experience stress. After taking a few tokes of Electric Lemon, that chore list will begin to appear much less intimidating. Those that deal with ongoing mood disorders such as depression will love the uplifting effects that Electric Lemon can create. Medicinal users will also enjoy its ability to ease the feelings of anxiety and create an overall boost in the mental state.
Sometimes users will experience a rough day where they have trouble seeing the positives in life. Electric Lemon G is widely chosen for helping those see the positivity in life again. In addition, this strain is excellent for helping bring pain relief, lowering inflammation throughout the body, and reducing fatigue. Electric Lemon is a widely chosen strain throughout the medical cannabis industry.

Cultivating Electric Lemon G

Electric Lemon is only available as a clone. It does well when it is grown both indoors and outdoors. The strain has a fairly short flowering time of around 7 to 9 weeks, and it produces a moderately sized yield. When the buds start to grow bigger, they tend to get heavy. It’s recommended to provide support to the branches so that they don’t break. Novice growers might have a difficult time growing this strain without the help of someone more experienced. But if you are able to grow Electric Lemon, you won’t be disappointed by its energy and zest that it can give you through the day. It’s a strain that should be consumed during the day because it can make you stay up for quite a while.


What the doox is Doox? A sativa-dom hybrid of Purple Cow and the infamous Chemdawg. Doox has pretty pastel flowers iced in a warm coat of resin that become bright green skunky buds. Sweet citrus flavours are accompanied by a sour, pungent scent for a fast-acting euphoric buzz.

Doox is a special strain that you’ll want to carry in your cannabis inventory wherever you go. The producers of Doox are known to create artisan strains that are clean and slow-cured. Throughout the production of this strain, Purple Cow lent its fruit-flavour terpene profile and trichome production, while Chemdog lent its potent sour notes and very high potency. It has a strange name and produces a body high that is heavy in nature.

The mental and physical high that Doox gives off is even and full full-bodied. You will initially feel a cerebral onset at the beginning of the high that will give you a quick boost in morale with an intense cognitive surge that’s energizing and sometimes tingly behind your eyes. This buzz that you will feel throughout your head will ravel gradually throughout the rest of your body is tingly and soothing waves, leaving you somewhat sedated but still engaged in the mind. Doox has a deliciously potent chemical and citrus stench with a dark sinking heavy pungent skunk type of smell. The taste of each exhale is lemon-lime with traces of earthy sour skunk. The buds that Doox produces are very tight, dense, and dark green with undertones of purple and a covering of crystal trichomes. Consumers might have a tricky time concealing the fragrance from doox because it is sure to fill up an entire room with its sour aroma. Many users that crave the mentally stimulating experience that sativa dominant strains typically provide will love trying out Doox. Upon consumption, it has received a 10 out of 10 rating for making the user feel uplifted and energetic, which is a very good and reliable chance of it happening.

Doox Strain has a fairly high THC level of between 20-21%. Because of this, it is an ideal strain for treating people with conditions like inflammation, depression, general and chronic pain throughout the body, and fatigue. Users have reported using Doox for pain that is caused by arthritis and have said that it is just the right strain to bring enough pain relief without making you too tired to function. Others have said that they use it right in the morning with their coffee because it produces a motivating and happy high that secures them in the right mindset for the rest of the day. As with most strains of cannabis, dry mouth is one of the side effects that Doox can cause.

Doox will generally take around 10 to 12 weeks to grow indoors and is 30% indica and 70% sativa. Indoor yields will produce 12 to 16 ounces per square meter while outdoor yields will generate 16 or more ounces per plant. It thrives in a warm climate, so northern climates will have to take this one indoors if they plan on growing in the cooler months.

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